July 1, 2016

Reading is vital to language advancement

There are so many amazing language programs out there, but nothing that reaches and teaches the young reader audience like Abuelita Spanish. This too is the age that it counts the most.

Abuelita will teach students from both native speaking backgrounds and English speaking backgrounds how to read in Spanish. This skill is vital no matter your background, no matter your language. All the language enthusiasts, teachers, and programs agree. READ and you will advance in ways you simply can't get in any other way.

Teach them from the start. Check out what FluentU has to say about it:

"If you want to become fluent in a language, you’re going to have to be able to read it. Whether you’re looking at a restaurant menu, perusing the newspaper, or following directions on a map, reading is fundamental to learning and living in your target tongue.

Depending on the content, reading also provides a chance to get more attuned to the way native speakers talk and write. How often in traditional language learning settings do we recite sentences like, “You and I eat hamburgers on the beach,” and how often do native speakers say such a thing?


Read more about the importance of reading in your chosen language and tips on how to do it, here.

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Skills for life: Bilingual reading
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[…] Reading is vital to language advancement […]


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