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Welcome to Abuelita Spanish bilingual video lessons for children.

We are excited to engage your children in learning to read and write Spanish! You are welcome to start and move at your own pace through the lessons however we recommend you remain consistent throughout the program.

We have set up the lessons to be used in groups of five. This could be five a day, five a week, or two a day to make ten a week. Younger children may benefit going at a slower pace. Older children who already know how to read an write in English my enjoy a quicker pace.

You may receive your workbooks in the mail in a few days to a week. You may still start lessons immediately and create the simple lesson materials from paper at home for the first few lessons.

As you prGrandpareadingogress through the program we encourage you to read Spanish books out loud with your child/children. This will reinforce what you are learning in the lessons, expose the children to the language in its natural form, help with pronunciation, and enhance your experience in countless other ways. See our ever growing Spanish reading list for specific book ideas.


If you have any questions or concerns you can email abuelitaspanish@gmail.com with the subject line "Member question".

Thank you and enjoy your learning journey.

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