What parents are saying:

"My 5 year old said today, mom, I remember Izquierda and Derecha way better than left and right, that means I am good at Spanish!"

I do like that it feels like my daughters are in a class. I like that Abuelita waits for answers and praises effort. She does fun songs and repetition. She is a good teacher. The girls also love the part where they get to see the kids doing the activities, before they do the activities also!

I like that it teaches words and activities in Spanish to confirm what they may or may not already know in English...The children are learning and solidifying what they learn. I like the reviews a lot.

I love that the way that it teaches, the kids are implementing the words in daily use...with come encouragement at first, and then naturally!

Homeschool mom from Kansas


Lesson6LineaHorizontal"I think "Abuelita" is very warm and welcoming."

It makes the children want to interact. They were very excited to see her in person, so she did make a good impression.

My children are excited to do [the activities]. I don't have to push them."
- Homeschool mother from Texas


"One day after breakfast my daughter asked if we could do Abuelita Spanish. I asked her why she liked the program. She said because she learns Spanish. It's great to see her excited about learning."
-Mother from Texas 

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"My child loves to recite the ABC's en español instead of inglés now. Learn the Spanish Alphabet:)"

"I can already see learning taking place as early as a week into the program. My daughter loves seeing the stop and go lights while we drive now."
-Mother from Utah

My son Helaman had watched the video on izquierda a few days later he was coloring on his own and he was singing "izquierda, izquierda, mi Mano a lzquierda."
Mrs. PEREZ from Texas


My daughter had watched the first few lessons from the beginning of the program. She is in Kindergarten and is learning how to write in English.  A few weeks later she was looking at some worksheets from the program.  She came up to me and said "mom, this says alto and sigue.  She was able to read and pronounce it correctly on her own. Having heard the words pronounced correctly helped her.
-Mrs. Felix Utah.


Writing paper practice

Today we did our reading practice in English then our Abuelita Spanish. While my daughter was writing the Spanish vocabulary word she said, "Mom, am I going to learn to read in Spanish AND in English? Then I'm going to know TWO languages!"
             -Homeschool mother in Colorado

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