Are you worried your child will loose their Spanish?

Teach them a skill they'll keep for life.
Teach them to read in Spanish. 

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Help them keep their Spanish

With only 15 minutes a day.

Jumpstart learning for your Bilingual Preschooler
  • Nearly 200 video lessons with Abuelita
  • Worksheets that reinforce video lessons
  • Activities to engage young children and reinforce vocabulary


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Get your child ready for Spanish Immersion Kindergarten

This reading program consists of nearly 200 video lessons (16 hours). Each lesson includes a short bilingual video, engaging activities, a follow along worksheet, and practice worksheet(s). You can complete the video and activities in just 15 minutes a day or you can extend it as long as you'd like.

Only 15 minutes a day
Are you a tutor, teacher or administrator?

Abuelita Spanish lessons can be done at home or in the classroom.

Abuelita Spanish will put your classroom above the rest!

Reading program

Learn Spanish and draw

Students will learn a variety of words and concepts along their path to reading in Spanish.

Writing paper practice

Writing paper practice

This includes:

The Alphabet:

  • Spanish letter names
  • Spanish letter sounds
  • Vowels
  • Consonants
  • Sentences

In addition, children enjoy fun focused concepts such as numbers, family, animals, shapes, senses, stop/go, top/bottom, left/right, and more.

Abuelita draws with the children

Children who connect to what they read, write, and speak will learn.

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"Abuelita" is very warm and welcoming."

- Homeschool mother from Texas

What parents are saying...

"One day after breakfast my daughter asked if we could do Abuelita Spanish. I asked her why she liked the program. She said because she learns Spanish. It's great to see her excited about learning."

Mother from Texas

What parents are saying...

"I can already see learning taking place as early as a week into the program. My daughter loves seeing the stop and go lights while we drive now."

-Mother from Utah

What parents are saying...

"My 5 year old said today, mom, I remember Izquierda and Derecha way better than left and right, that means I am good at Spanish!"

Homeschool mom from Kansas

What parents are saying...

My daughter had watched the first few lessons from the beginning of the program. She is in Kindergarten and is learning how to write in English.  A few weeks later she was looking at some worksheets from the program.  She came up to me and said "mom, this says alto and sigue.  She was able to read and pronounce it correctly on her own. Having heard the words pronounced correctly helped her.
-Mrs. Felix Utah.

What parents are saying...

What is Abuelita Spanish?

Over 20 years of teaching kids to read Spanish...

Who is Abuelita?

Our lessons are taught by seasoned educator, Angelica Jensen. Angelica is a detail-oriented teacher, ensuring that concepts are covered in a simple, fun and efficient way so that each student can understand. Each lesson builds upon the previous lessons reinforcing and building on past concepts and vocabulary. To learn more about Angelica, go to the about page.

"Word of the day" series

Check out the word of the day series and join with kids who love to learn with Abuelita!

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