Is your child between the ages of 4 and 7?

Is your child learning to read and write in English?

Would you like your child to Learn Spanish?

Learn Spanish with Abuelita!

Abuelita Spanish teaches both English and Spanish speaking children to read and write in Spanish,
including over 350 Spanish vocabulary words!

*Nearly 200 video lessons with Abuelita
*worksheets that reinforce video lessons
*activities to engage young children and reinforce vocabulary
*ultimately READ in SPANISH to continue your lifelong Spanish learning journey.

This reading program consists of nearly 200 video lessons (16 hours). Each lesson includes a short bilingual video, engaging activities, a follow along worksheet, and practice worksheet(s) that can be done at home or in the classroom.

Students will learn a variety of words and concepts along their path to reading in Spanish.

Writing paper practice

Writing paper practice

This includes:

The Alphabet:

  • Spanish letter names
  • Spanish letter sounds
  • Vowels
  • Consonants
  • Sentences

In addition, children enjoy fun focused concepts such as numbers, family, animals, shapes, senses, stop/go, top/bottom, left/right, and more.


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The language becomes a part of them...

The language becomes a part of them...

If you speak Spanish in your home this course will reinforce the value of family heritage through the written word. Don't let the language get lost through the generations! Start them young with outside reinforcement of reading and writing in their native tongue.

If Spanish is a second language in your home there is no better time to introduce multiple languages than while they're young. Start now and teach your children a second language through interactive reading and writing lessons. It will be a part of their life forever.


Read, learn and love the language.


Angelica Jensen, "Abuelita"

Our lessons are taught by seasoned educator, Angelica Jensen. Angelica is a detail-oriented teacher, ensuring that concepts are covered in a simple, fun and efficient way so that each student can understand. Each lesson builds upon the previous lessons reinforcing and building on past concepts and vocabulary. To learn more about Angelica, go to the about page.



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We hope you enjoy this program and excel in the Spanish language.

-Abuelita & team


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